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Therefore, which contacts of the 360 contacts are to be connected to the sign lines 203 a varies depending on the model. 36 is a block diagram exhibiting the association of an ultrasound diagnostic equipment having a perform of diagnosing an ultrasound probe according to the 10th embodiment. Display operation based mostly on a sign generated by the show processing unit 809 could additionally be performed by a show unit 811 d. In this case, the display processing unit 809 is related to the image generating unit 811 b. The image generating unit 811 b generates display data from the sign generated by the display processing unit 809. is the one of the leaders on this portion providing a few of the perfect program flats within Bangalore, Of india. We supply safe, secure in addition to cheap Serviced flats Per motels inside Back garden metropolis, Bangalore India, be it with regard to function and for pleasure. The management unit 1011 can generate the print knowledge of a report like that shown in FIG. This print knowledge is sent to a printer via the interface unit 1008 and connector 1002 and printed. Information for presenting a analysis end result could additionally be generated by a presenting method other than the show methods.

The reference database 707 d has an arrangement similar to that of the reference database 707 a. In the reference database 707 d, nevertheless, stage degradation degree reference information are written instead of degree reference information, and variation degradation diploma reference data are written as a substitute of variation reference knowledge. The weighting models 710 i, 710 j, 710 k, 710 m, 710 n, and 710 p weight the enter dedication results on the idea of the weighting information sent from the reference database 707 c.

In the next description, for the sake of descriptive comfort, these three ultrasound transducing elements shall be known as transducers R, L, and M. The transducer M is the ultrasound transducing element 202 a located in the course of the head unit 202. In addition, channels together with the transducers R, L, and M shall be referred to as channels CHR, CHL, and CHM, respectively. The identification information output unit 204 outputs identification data assigned to the ultrasound probe 200.

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28, a determining unit 710 features a V level figuring out unit 710 a, Fo level determining unit 710 b, BW degree determining unit 710 c, V variation figuring out unit 710 d, Fo variation determining unit 710 e, BW variation figuring out unit 710 f, and weighted determining unit 710 h. A storage medium 707 is offered with a dedication weight database 707 b in addition to a reference database 707 a. As described above, in accordance with the fifth embodiment, the standard of the ultrasound probe 200, i.e., whether the ultrasound probe 200 is normal, is mechanically decided. For high quality dedication, reference ranges similar to the forms of ultrasound probes 200 are used.

In the preliminary state, solely the actual picture I11 described above and a pointer P are indicated, as shown in FIG. Either the quality of appearance states or a digital photograph could additionally be presented alone in a report. Alternatively, another info such as a character string indicating a discovering by the upkeep operator may be enter to be introduced in a report. The utilized state of the voltage Vsup1 may be modified in an arbitrary manner. The level of the already applied voltage Vsup1 could additionally be raised or lowered.

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In addition, the control unit 410 has a perform of diagnosing the ultrasound probe 200 on the premise of the measurement information obtained by the measuring unit 406, e.g., the characteristic value of the composite signal. The navigation processing unit one hundred ten generates a navigation window by combining one of many windows proven in FIGS. The navigation processing unit a hundred and ten outputs the navigation window information generated in this method to the show processing unit 109. The display processing unit 109 generates a sign for inflicting the monitor device to show the navigation window on the basis of the navigation window information, and outputs the knowledge to the connector 103. The navigation window information could be output to an external gadget through the interface unit 108 and connector 102. The present invention relates to an ultrasound probe diagnosing apparatus and ultrasound probe diagnosing methodology which diagnose an ultrasound probe utilized by an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, and an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus having a operate of diagnosing an ultrasound probe. [newline]42A, the management unit 1011 reads out a verify probe picture and reference probe picture from the storage medium 1007, and generates a comparative display picture presenting these photographs aspect by facet.

Note that level reference information for amplitude, middle frequency, and bandwidth could indicate thresholds or allowable ranges. If the extent reference information indicate thresholds, the V degree determining unit 710 a, Fo level figuring out unit 710 b, and BW level figuring out unit 710 c carry out the above quality dedication by evaluating the thresholds with the respective values. If the extent reference data point out allowable ranges, these items perform the above high quality determination by checking whether or not the respective values fall within the allowable ranges. 26, in the V reference database 771 a, in correspondence with every channel of the ultrasound probe 200, degree reference data for amplitude and variation reference knowledge for high quality willpower in regards to the corresponding channel are written in correspondence with the corresponding channel. 26, stage reference information for middle frequency and variation reference knowledge for high quality determination in regards to the corresponding channel are written.

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