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You see this Office, to be now primarily based at Manukau City Centre because of our mate Len, is our gateway to the Kiwiland economy, trade and business alternatives. Did “Sir” put the cart before the horse? “Sir” perhaps should have informed the basic public that the discover which had been carried out, was put on maintain. The Boys in Blue, nonetheless at the scene, then promptly arrested the particular person and took him “down town” for processing. There’s a report chooks that the NZ High Com would not let locals into Ngatipa in the course of the tsunami alert as a end result of it was personal property!

The Germans were amongst a quantity of bewildered tourists who attended the National Auditorium to witness Dame Margaret’s investiture and obtain the open invite to the umukai afterwards. It was on the umukai on Takamoa grounds that the Germans proceeded to hoe into the tucker. They also enquired of one of the native peoples, “Is there any entrée? ” One thin, middle aged visitor with long hair was spotted chomping on meals at the kai kai following Sir Geoffrey Henry’s State funeral. Message to those chooks out west hoping to participate in Murienua’s upcoming by-election, begin your campaign now or no less than, get your fund elevating underway!

Why do we now have such low regard for establishments which overseas democracies worth highly-such as a Parliament Building and an official residence for the PM? Have we become a nation of slackers? Why doesn’t the NZ government fork out a few dollars and shout their High Commission its own building? If it could see its method to getting its own constructing like its other counterparts overseas have carried out,

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perhaps considered one of our personal authorities businesses presently stuck out within the wops, might move into city. Way too many overseas business interests sneaking onshore chooks, conducting enterprise then sneaking off! These turkeys, often one man bands, stroll ashore like they own the joint, do their enterprise, then leave!

He then approached each Teariki Heather and Norman George but each declined coincidentally for a similar cause. Both said they thought they had a great chance of at some point becoming leader of the CIP. Lets hope history does not repeat itself!

The ADB has offered a low curiosity loan over 20 years to switch all vegetation and animals which can be affected by radiation. Looks like the Deputy Leader of the Opposition has determined to drop out of the exodus to the Auckland pow wow. Why was he invited in the first place? It’s not too late chooks for presidency to review the team going and restore some decorum and public credibility to the contingent.

Why would anybody in their proper mind lend a rustic of less than 18,000 people over $200 million? Someone should enter the guide into the “Booker Prize” contest, that well-known British award for works of fiction. This $227 per day that a tourist spends, what is that spent on? Everyone knows the common, Kiwi wouldn’t spend greater than $50 a day.

Big Red has been alerted that the former skipper of our famous staff “SOE” was seen back on the rock the opposite day. Unfortunately he missed the mini-games and could have been selected on the team however anyway he doesn’t qualify. Just questioning whether or not he is here to get his old job again because it hasn’t been filled since he left regardless of two attempts to seek out somebody. Will be very fascinating what occurs subsequent. Will the top rooster buy into it? I scratch your back, you scratch my back.

Senior government officers seemed at the Wichman gadget then forgot about it. There was the William Powell gadget which was cheaper nonetheless. Both devices could be manufactured domestically fairly cheaply but oh no!

Well it seems the arrange was designed by individuals who don’t stay within the country. Elderly ex-pat cannot understand all of the fuss and public hoo hah over the launch of a treadle boat at Muri. He says these boats have been quite common through the 1920’s in England. Hardly new expertise says the crusty old timer who hails from England. Never-the-less it reveals how fads come and go in cycles. Perhaps in one other 90 years bicycles will be all the craze among the many settlers on Mars.

It appears the “Go Local” Raro primarily based outer islanders have muscled in pushing their fellow islanders into the back pews. How did these Raro primarily based outer islanders do it? They simply put signs up saying they were from the outer islands! That’s not truthful because

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the Raro based lot have the Punanga Nui Market every week to show case their stuff. Some local shops must have enjoyed a money bonanza or windfall as outer islanders bought up giant, blowing a wad on various goodies to take home on the Ferry! Buying in bulk chooks as a outcome of who is aware of when the subsequent boat is going north?

The good e-book clearly factors out, Adam was in a garden “east” of Eden.ทางเข้าเล่น And why do individuals say the animals went into Noah’s Ark two by two when the good book points out, of those animals allowed to be eaten, there have been seven of each kind not two. When visiting the QR the brand new Chinese Ambassador presented a present of a vase. Our QR realizing our gift to the Ambassador was still wrapped in paper, proceeded to tear the paper off a lot to the surprise of the Ambassador.

All Foreign Boat folks might be given a survival pack consisting of 1 ripe paw paw, one nu, two ripe bananas, two slices of cooked taro and half a cooked kumara. Also heard on coconut wireless chooks is news the Kiwi government is dragging the chain somewhat in confirming the Acting High Comm as the new High Comm! We all know it is going to be done so why the delay? We all thought the announcement would come when Kiwi Minister for Foreign Forays, Grunny McGully was on the beach. The whisper from a certain outer island chooks is that the latest TV programme, Turama, featuring the disabled man who was injured, will not be screened on that island’s TV.

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